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alima am Park

alima- am Park

19, avenue Emile Reuter


Open from Monday to Friday from 7h30 to 14h00 and from 14h30 to 16h00


Being integrated in the “CIPA Centre Intégré pour Personnes Agées) Ste Elisabeth am Park our alima am Park is very discrete as it doesn’t have outdoor signage. On 60sqm, the outlet offers a whole panoply of goods meeting the daily needs of the CIPA residents: fresh food, news papers, drinks, snacks, tobacco, cell phone reloads and more. The limited offer is counterbalanced by staff, always willing to satisfy special wishes and needs, providing them at the next delivery. More and more people working in the neighbourhood appreciate this outlet, because alima-am Park isn’t restricted to the residents of the CIPA, but open to everybody.